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Asylum law is one of the most difficult and complex area of Immigration Law. If you qualify for an asylum you should contact a lawyer who has experience in this area. There are strict requirements and deadlines that you should be aware of before filing an Asylum petition.

Removal Defense

The Removal or Deportation Proceeding can begin in several ways. For example, if the immigrant enters the United States illegally and is detained at the border, the immigrant will be receive a notice to appear in front of an Immigration Judge. The immigrant will have an opportunity to present a defense to the deportation/ removal proceeding. It is important to attend any hearing before the Immigration Judge, because if the immigrant does attend the hearing , the judge will enter a deportation/removal order against him.

Attorney Torres has represented immigrants in the Immigration Court in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Texas. If you or a family member has a court date, do not wait and get legal advice about your options.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Every Permanent Resident (Green Card holder ) must aspire to become a United States citizen. Our office provides a complete service for Naturalization cases. Attorney Torres will work in the preparation of your application for citizenship, preparation for your English exam, and your examination of the history of the United States, and she will accompany you to your naturalization interview.

Inadmissibility Waivers

Under the current Immigration Law, certain immigrants can request a waiver of inadmissibility from Immigration to help them obtain Legal Permanent Residence status ( green card). Currently, spouses of American citizens or spouse of Legal Permanent Residents ( among others), who have entered the United States without a visa, can qualify to request a waiver of inadmissibility. Attorney Torres can help in determining if your case qualify for the waiver process.

Special Visas for Juvenile Immigrants

This program is for those underage immigrants who have been abandoned by one or both of their parents. This visa provides legal residence (green card) for these minors who are in the United States.

Legal Permanent Residence (Green Card)

Attorney Torres can review your immigration history in order to determine if there is a path in your case to allow you to obtain your. Legal Permanent Residence (green card).


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